March 31, 2009

"..But what I really want to do is direct"

It may not top his awesome performance as a satellite antenna installer nor can it hope to get close to his award winning portrayal of a cardboard cutout of himself but Herr Schumacher does achieve unequalled levels of brow furrowing in this new video from Ferrari's freshly redesigned web site.

On the new site you can ride along with the seven time Formula 1 champion on the complete range of offerings from Maranello. The site is huge improvement, with slick graphics and plenty of merchandize links. My favorite part? The car configurator where you can explore endless paint scheme variations for your dream F430 Scuderia.



  1. Michael's English has gone to the dogs since the days when he was required to give all those podium interviews!


  2. " be honest" you should hear his Italian! :o)

  3. What an awkward script? And way to make a great car boring. Ferrari is losing it.


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