March 27, 2009

Australian GP qualifying Live feed

in Spanish. Because of the time difference I probably will not be able to verify this will work as advertised but our friend Umair swears by it. Hope it helps our cable TV challenged Axis readers! Let us know if it works.

UPDATE: it does work, Final Pracice is on now...looks like Kimi Raikkonen is already screwed with his car stranded on the side of the track after an off!..

Watch live video from Dimoni Racing on

If your Spanish is not up to speed, would recommend opening a separate window with THIS English feed (but with bad video) and keeping this one open with the volume down. (thanks Derek!)



  1. Here is the English feed, but the quality isnt as good and the image is stretched.

  2. Ooops, forgot the link.

  3. you can keep this window with the better video open and turn the sound down and open another with the english audio... :o)

    McGyver F1!!!

  4. Ant Davidson was great to listen to. Love getting insights from recent drivers. In Italy SKY TV had Marc Gene last year and he all kind of interesting tidbits not generally available

    que cosa loca che, go figure Richard Branson must be LAUGHING HIS ASS! ...

  6. BBC coverage has been good so far. Eddie Jordan is possibly the most interesting point of view to hear in the paddock. DC came across a little blinkered trying to make out that Shumacher (M!) wasn't THAT good! LOL! when talking about button as a world class driver that didn't have the car to support him. Martin Brundle was also a joy to listen to talking us through a flying lap onboard with Ruebens.

  7. Hello, it's me off JTV. Thanks for recommending my channel for Formula 1. I regret to inform all that i will no longer be broadcasting Formula 1. This is beyond my decision. Although i am a licence payer, the BBC has managed to boycott my channel.. I have fought for a month to gain my account back, and now i am back on JTV, it's best i better not push my luck too far and keep broadcasting Formula 1 knowing i am breaking the TOS of JTV that i have to abide by the TOS and be forced to give up the broadcasting of Formula via the BBC red butten.

    While i aggree very strongly that it does suck, but from what i have been told, just because you have a TV licence and what it say's on the licence document, it only applies to the individual of that licence holder and any recordings you do is for your own personal use..

    I have uploaded a copy of what it say's on this licence document for all to read.. So big thank you to the BBC for thier greed and stubbornness. And it's good to know that us british people are being ripped off good and well..



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