February 4, 2009

Team America does F1

Starring Scott Speed and Danica Patrick.  With Peter Windsor as "the Brit" with a secret and Ken Anderson as "the Brain"
Currently plotting world domination from their remote undisclosed location in the hills of North Carolina, Team USF1  will be coming to a track nowhere near you in 2010.

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  1. In case you are wondering about this "story", dont you think if someone had the $100 million or so needed to get going they would not have already bought the Honda team which is a turnkey operation going for essentially nothing?

  2. Not if someone is trying to build a true, homegrown American team?

    I hope this means we don't have to listen to Peter Windsor's blathering about Lewis Hamilton and how wonderful he is after this next season.

  3. One can only hope Murph....one can only hope.

    BTW do you think I laid the sarcasm down thick enough? I think some out there actually bought the Danica Speed story.

  4. The only thing that might make it a tad more believable is that Danica Patrick's car will be sponsored by GoDaddy.com and she'll prove her loyalty to sponsors with a GoDaddy.com tattoo on her ass - which all will see when she wears the bikini as a race suit because her contract with the site stipulates that.

    As for Scott Speed, he'll compete for half a season before returning to a much worse series and then continue to fail at that.

  5. Hmm... weeks later and people REALLY are talking about these two... Oh boy.


  6. Okay...I know that this has as much of a chance of happening as Lou Ham making a self-depricating comment but have to break bad on Danica, not because of her gender, but because of her attitude, sense of entitlement, and overall terrible record. She makes Lou Ham look like Senna.

    I know that the IRL wants to utilize her image to blind everyone to the simple fact that they are a crappy series, that runs crappy cars, but must she be referenced whenever their is talk of American open-wheel racing?

    Although sportswriters are too worried about the possible backlash to say it, the only race Danica has ever won was only attended by half of the current IRL drivers, all of the Drivers with talent were running at the Champ car final in Long Beach.

    Thus endeth the rant. Proceed.

  7. Scott speed makes sense...until you realize that he's doing fine in NASCAR-land which will likely have him not returning to F1. Especially if he has to take a PAY CUT to do so.

    Predicting Danica's turn in F1 makes you a HACK. One short-track oval doesn't make a career with momentum nor does a Motorola sponsorship deal.

  8. A HACK??? I beg your pardon sir...I am offended!

    I'm still amazed everyone took this post so seriously. I thought the title and the picture might be a givaway.

  9. Be prepared to be amazed then. The FIA have announced Team USF1 as a new formula1 team next year. Of course we don't know the drivers yet, but I would be happy to see Scott Speed back. And I reckon he'll move back to F1 even if it does cost him a paycut, real drivers itch to compete against the best in F1. Maybe it will see the return of the US/Canadian F1 venues too.


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