February 2, 2009

Snowy Bastards

We're bastards, it's true. We really should be doing this to our poor street cars but, take a look at the video and tell me it does not look like it's worth it!

This past week end, the Freep, Adil and I headed back to Monticello Motor Club for another day of fun in the snow banks. Their Winter Driving Series is becoming quite popular despite arctic temperatures and to accommodate the crowds, MMC opened up the north course along with the south.  The clip shows you the North course which is usually reserved for MMC club members.

Snow banks were especially deep and stuffings were plentiful but the recovery truck crew good natured and in the end fun was had by all.  Even the Freep had fun despite banking the car in the first turn of of the first run to a collective groan from the grid... our Alabama Stig was available for autographs after that one!

I had to be towed out once as well but in general I was super impressed with the grip my Continental Extreme Contact all season tires were capable of.  W rated, can drive on snow and reasonably priced? Highly recommended Shop for Continental tires at Tire Rack.

Lots of pictures and a video from inside Adil and Dan's Subaru after the jump.

More pictures...


  1. Now that looked fun - wish we had something like that over here in the UK. We've just had the snow (It's shut the country down), now we just need Silverstone or Donnington to open up :D

  2. Well, most tracks are hurting to some extent, this is one way to bring in some income during the off season! Good practice too.

  3. Looks like great conditions! Im so upset I couldn't go. I saw a picture of an E46 M3... would have been fun to compare times with it. Great pics!

  4. The M3 got stuck on the parade lap... but then he was OK I think :o)


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