February 24, 2009

2009 Spec e30 season on the way!

Here is Robert Allen's race at VIR this past Sunday 2/22. Started 8th, finished 5th. Nice Start!
Race gets pretty nuts towards the end. Very not cool car 167 passing when there are Tow trucks on track (how is that not a full yellow anyway?). Note reaction of driver of the yellow car when he gets bump drafted (about 6:40)

SpecE30 race VIR 2/22/09 from Robert Allen on Vimeo.



  1. Man! Spec e30 looks like so much fun. I know Robert, the driver, and he is a Champion. Nice work!

  2. VIR tries to keep full course yellows to a minimum, even when the tow trucks are out, so they can let the racers have more time under green.

  3. Well, VIR and NASA Mid Atlantic like to keep yellows local and to a minimum. We did, however, finish a race under double yellow this weekend. First I've seen with NASA MA

  4. Actually....the reaction from the yellow car driver regarding the bump draft is a "thumbs-up" or "thanks - let's go!"

    I should know, I'm the yellow car driver.



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