January 31, 2009

New Traqmate gauges!

Check out what Glenn and the guys at Traqmate have cooking for an upcoming release of their TraqStudio software. 

These overlay gauges with a transparency mask are a big esthetic improvement. Notice the fancy combination tachometer and shift light!. Still Beta at this point but looking very nice, I would change only the longitudinal G indicator which to my eyes plots backwards, I would expect it to go up under braking. 

What do you think, how would you expect braking force represented, up or down?

Nice to see that Traqmate is always improving their product, and the their driving!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Hey Axis, check this out, Mattias Ekstrom on the nordschlife with a rs4 avant

  2. I agree, the longitudinal accelerometer display is upside down. Think of the indicator as a spring-loaded pendulum, it would point forward when you're breaking, and forward is up.

  3. Also agree that it should be reversed. The horizontal indicator is correct, but the longitudinal one behaves the opposite way.


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