January 22, 2009

More 2009 Formula 1 testing video

From January 21st. Alonso and Hamilton on track. Check out the extended front wheel covers on the Mclaren, outboard brake cooling ducts?

1º. Sebastien Buemi - 1.29:435 - 56 laps
3º. Nico Rosberg - 1.33:816 - 64 laps
2º. Fernando Alonso - 1.34:610 - 52 laps
4º. Lewis Hamilton - 1.38:962 - 27 laps
5º. Timo Glock - 1.41:923 - 44 laps

Raikkonen comments on KERS

Q: Is everything working ?
Raikkonen: ''On both days the use of KERS has given positive results, the system works well like all the other new components.''

Q: What changes with KERS ?
Raikkonen: ''You have more power but it's only for such a short time that I don't think it can change things a lot. It may be an interesting invention but I don't think it's decisive.''

Ferrari F60 video and the rest of the interview after the jump

Q: What are your first impressions of the F60 ?
Raikkonen: ''It's always nice to step into a new car but it's not easy to give a judgement due to the weather. The track was very slippery and unfortunately we haven't been able to do the work we planned to do, nor could we push the car to the maximum or simulate a Grand Prix. The tyres are not a problem, we've already tested them before Christmas. In short, the first good and real impression is that all the new parts on the car are working wonderfully and the only regret is that we haven't been able to work according to schedule.''

Q: Massa said that the F60 seemed different to him in terms of driving.
Raikkonen: ''I don't know. I don't have precise references at this track to judge the difference.''

Q: Was there a reason behind the visits you paid to the gravel traps ?
Raikkonen: ''Absolutely not, the car perhaps slipped away because the tyres were not yet up to temperature. Also, there was no problem during the laps in the afternoon: it rained and it wasn't worth risking to destroy the car.''

Q: Do you think it's right you're testing at Mugello instead of at Portimao ?
Raikkonen: ''I believe it's also raining there. At least here we're close to home and it's easier to send people from the factory to the circuit back and forth in case it's necessary.''

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  1. I've speculated that the extended McLaren wheel covers are to measure sidewall deflection. If you look at earlier tests with these same wheel covers, the sidewalls are always rubbed down and the inside of the covers are made of a white material rather than carbon fiber. I would assume this would be useful especially with a new spec of tire but only McLaren really knows.

  2. I don't think so, tires don't deflect so much on that axis. After seeing more pictures I guessing it's to clean up the air around the tire.


  3. I just love the sound from these clips, I could listen all day..

  4. The real value of KERS will be realised in the finishing stages of the race, especially the last lap
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