January 26, 2009

Meanwhile, somewhere in Finland...

Kimi Raikkonen was driving a Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000 rally car in the Arctic Lapland Rally this past week end. Raikkonen was in as much of a stealth mode as a current Formula 1 driver racing a rally car in snow can possibly be and barely appeared in front of the cameras.

The Ferrari driver was not the only Formula 1 World Champion tearing up the Lapland snows, two time world champion Mika Hakkinen was there flogging an Evo 9 ....and Hakkinen was not the only Formula 1 Mika either, Mika Salo was also driving.

Raikkonen ended up 13th ahead of Mika Hakkinen who came in 19th in the same class.
Lots more videos after the jump.

Like driving in the snow? Want to try it? check THIS out


  1. And JJ Lehto too! (As seen behind Kimi in the first Vimeo video above)and seen in the results here:

    9. 21 Baltic Rally Rent.com
    JYRKIÄINEN Jari 500-K
    AAU N
    1 Mitsubishi
    Lancer E9 02.06.50,2 **.** 02.06.50,2 -05.36,1 -01.23,3

    As ever, great video finds - thanks for posting!


  2. JÄRVILEHTO ...That's why I could not find JJ!


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