January 20, 2009

Bmw-Sauber F1.09 Presentation

We should do a "caption this" contest for this picture of Nick Heidfeld looking over his 2009 ride at the Valencia circuit in Spain today.

Robert Kubica also looks a tad puzzled, perhaps he's wondering if the car was built to fit him or his two pocket sized team mates. BMW obviously spent big bucks for those two banners on the side of the family picture but, perhaps afraid to be labeled as big spenders, went for the no tie look for its directors.

The car has the same fat and flat nose as the Renault, not the prettiest but we'll see how it goes soon enough.

More pictures after the jump.


  1. And BMW has pulled into a dead heat with Williams for the most awkward 2009 premiere...

  2. I would put BMW ahead by a hair since they added confused drivers to the premiere. That has to trump the lone jack in the background that Williams gave us. This cost cutting seems to gone a bit too far.


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