January 19, 2009

2009 Renault r29 and Williams FW31 presentations

In the apparent race among Formula 1 teams for the best new entry presentation miser, Williams is the clear leader so far. Not only did they seemingly not employ a professional photographer who left a hand truck in the background but they did not even bother to fly in their main drivers to the presentation leaving only tester Nico Hulkenberg to do photo duty. Perhaps Nico Rosberg was busy with Williams' other product launch... The FW31 is apparently the only car so far to employ a "Flywheel" style KERS rather than electrical motors and batteries.

Also at the Portimaio circuit in Portugal today was Renault who unveiled their R29. Perhaps the homeliest of the 2009 cars revealed so far, it has as its main characteristic a bulbous nose cone and what is so far the only leftover "shark fin" engine cover. The new paint job completely devoid of blue will certainly get some flack from fans.

BMW will show their contender tomorrow and Red Bull an February 5th. the dates for the remaining two teams Force India and Toro Rosso have not yet been made know.

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  1. I've seen Spec e30's launched with more fanfare than the Williams FW31. Maybe laser lights and Moet are overkill, but at least clean-up and have the drivers attend.

  2. in fairness to williams, it wasn't a proper launch and the new livery will be announced soon.

    i agree though, rubbish photography all round, for both teams.

  3. I actually like the 09 Areo configurations. Each team has come up with very distinctive ways of solving the problem. There is not one nose and wing combination that is similar between the teams and the same goes for the rear of the car (specifically exhaust exits) and the barge board area.

    Also it looks as if Toyota are running the fin configuration, just didnt have it for the unveiling.


    And just look at the sidepod configuration for the Merc, pure sex!


    And really, whos idea was this???



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