December 4, 2008

You have got to be kidding me...

This clip always amazes me. I think it's from the annual Isle of Man TT festival of madness...



  1. Wow. I didn't know they raced Karts during the TT.

    That is awesometown. Damn nutters!

  2. Those karts are insane, to put it into perspective:

    The kart I drive does a sprint from 0-60 in about 4.2 maybe 4.4 seconds (26 horsepower in the engine)

    A shifter kart with 35-40 horsepower will hit 60 in 3.5 or 3.3 seconds

    A 250cc Kart (the ones posted in this video) can have anywhere from 50 to 100 HORSEPOWER with ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED mlie per hour times of 4.5 or 5.0 seconds.

    60 comes up in under 2 if my memory serves me right, with a top speed of over 160-170 miles per hour if they are built for it.

    Cornering G's enter into the 4-5G range.

    Deceleration on a top level superkart is something like 0-100-0 in 8 seconds.

    Absolutely mental, hopefully one day I will have the means to drive one.


  3. It's not the TT course as it's too short. Great footage though.

  4. 3 pedals? Is he adjusting downforce with the middle one a-la Chapperal?


  5. Yeah those superkarts are absolutely crazy, I know that at Laguna Seca they are barely off the pace of the MotoGP bikes (!). As for driving them in anger on a street circuit like this ... well the images speak for themselves! Notice the kart in the front being airborne a few times on the bumps (I don't think they have suspensions). As for the left pedal I believe it's the clutch, he just does not use it for upshifting (it's probably a motorcycle gearbox) and does not bother using engine braking when slowing down.

  6. Psh, Rainbow Road was a much harder track.

  7. Yup, there are three pedals. Throttle, Brake, and Clutch. Also, yup, it's a motorcycle gearbox with dog-cut gears. No clutch depression required to shift from gear to gear. Just blip the throttle as you would on a motorcycle. Oh... and yes... I race karts... LOL.

  8. I read many comments on liking sites claiming this is sped's not thought the low angle does add to the sensation of speed.

  9. very cool clip, they should try it on GP bikes

  10. What is that - F1 go-karts?! What a bunch of p*ssies. REAL men race motorcycles in the Isle of Man TT. Check this vid out; it shows you how slow those go-karts really are...


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