December 22, 2008

Traqmate TraqData II: a better connection

Traqmate announced an improved version of their Traqdata interface.

The TraqData II will allow you to hook up and control a Chasecam video recorder and adds four analog for various sensors you might have, throttle position, boost steering angle that sort of thing. Also you get an RPM input and two digital I/O ports which you might use to trigger a shift or other warning lights.

Priced at $199 but available at a $30 discount until the end of January, it might make yet another great last minute gift!

December 22, 2008 - Announced at the recent PRI show in Orlando and available for delivery immediately, the TraqData II module provides the following capabilities:

- ChaseCam Video Recorder Control - Allows Traqmate to turn on and off the ChaseCam PDR-100 as well as start and stop recording synchronously with data recording.

- Four Analog Inputs - Allows Traqmate to record data from a variety of sensors for driver coaching such as throttle position and steering angle, or for vehicle tuning such as air-fuel ratio, oil pressure, or boost pressure. 5, 10, and 20 V ranges are supported. Sensors are not included.

- Two Digital Inputs / Outputs - Allows Traqmate to record a digital input such as a brake light or track marker switch. Allows Traqmate to trigger an external alarm for RPM or an Analog Input.

- RPM Input - Switchable between COIL and ELECTRONIC voltage levels to handle almost any application.

This product is compatible with the Traqmate Basic and Traqmate Complete systems and is available in the Traqmate Online Store for $199. Act now and you can purchase this product at the special introductory price of $169.
TraqData II Product Details

The TraqData II package includes the following items:

TraqData II expansion module with removable 10 connection terminal block. Contacts are GND, RPM, Digitals 4 and 5, 12V sensor power, Analogs 0-3, and 5V Reference Voltage.

Snagless 3' Network Cable for connection between TraqData II and ChaseCam PDR-100. User may substitute longer or shorter network cable for particular application.

14" DB-15 male to male cable with thumbscrews for connection between Traqmate Sensor Unit and the TraqData II.
More News Coming

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About Traqmate

Traqmate is a line of GPS Data Acquisition and Video products for high performance and racing vehicles developed and marketed by Track Systems Technologies, LLC. The Traqmate product was introduced in 2005 and several thousand systems are in operation worldwide. For more information or a downloadable demonstration, visit

Traqmate introduced industry innovations such as GPS predictive lap timing, track-map analysis, automatic data/video synchronization, and video theoretical best lap playback.

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