December 14, 2008

So what do you think of the BMW Z4?

Everyone has pictures, how about a video?
And more videos after the jump.


  1. beautiful. i think they did a great job making it look more "grown up"... all the lines flow really nicely but its still really curvy. esp with the n54 engine and some mods, i bet it will be a blast. any rumors about the next z4m?

  2. It will be difficult to make a case for a Coupe since this is born as a hard top convertible. The only way I can see it making sense would be if they went ultra sporty, M3 V8 and some sort of Carbon Fiber fixed roof to get the weight down. But then there is the eternal BMW conundrum... would they let it be better than the M3?

    I added an interior video. I quite like the interior, the center console with the dials reminds me of the z8. I like the asymmetrical design

  3. Beautiful car. It should do well vs. competition.
    For sure there will be an M Version of it (Hopefully V8), but I agree that the MCoupe is dead since this is already a "Metal Hard Top" car.

  4. BMW did a great job!!

    I would definitely buy one on looks alone. My guess is that the TT 3.0 liter should provide plenty of go.

  5. NICE! They made the trunk space smaller!

    I bet they added even more understeer!

    Man this car just keeps getting better and better

  6. Well, I think it's fair to say this car is aimed at a slightly different target audience. Perhaps those who would consider a Mercedes. The non turbo car is likely the better handler as it's some 200lbs lighter in the nose because of the magnesium engine.

  7. the na 6mt is 3241lbs with 48/52 f/r weight distribution whereas the turbo 6mt is 3450lbs 49.2/50.8 f/r.


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