December 20, 2008

Porsches in the dirt.

It snowed here in NYC yesterday and while it seems these days most people are terrified by any hint of sliding, I immediately took my car out and relished any amount of slow speed sideways action I could manage... It was great fun and a rare treat while it lasted.

Speaking of driving on loose stuff please take a look at this great little film by photographer/racer Jeff Zwart, author of the highly collectible book Porsche Rennsport.

I'm not really down with the conclusion but right up to the GT2 driving up Pike's Peak, it's brilliant.

As a bonus and for sideways inspiration, find a collection of classic Pike's Peak videos after the jump!



  1. I saw someone in the village drifting around in a grey 996 Turbo yesterday.

  2. I saw Zwart run Pikes Peak back in '95 or '96 in his silver 993TT back when that car was brand new, and it was one of the things that made me want that car so badly. Granted we watched the hillclimb from around the 12,000 foot mark so most of the cars were wheezing pretty badly by that point, but the 993TT kept soldiering on. It looked pretty heavy but Zwart drove with a great rally technique and really got the most from the car.



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