December 17, 2008

Axis last minute Christmas gift guide.

Are you starting to panic? With Christmas a week away, have you yet to find the perfect present for your favorite petrolhead? Or perhaps you have to atone for the borderline criminal number of days you spent away from your family blissfully burning tires and hydrocarbons. Maybe you want to give yourself a gift. The Axis has some suggestions:

Nothing, bar a Porsche GT3rs on slicks, will make your track obsessed friend happier than a shiny new data and video setup from Traqmate. Analyze your performance depth and make great video all in one convenient easy to use package, what could be better?
Looking for something smaller? Traqmate makes these very cool little shift lights, 100% Stee approved!

But what if you, or your friend, already have a data system and have moved on to a High Definition camera system? Those slick looking videos with data overlay are available for you as well with TrackVision software, another great gift at a lower price point.

Of course you do not want your tracktard friend to die so a great and always appreciated gift are brake pads and brake components from Off-Camber Motorsport. Aluminum racing pedals are also always welcome in the Christmas stockings!

How about arranging for the gift of a trip to that tracktard Mecca, the Nürburgring? Contact our friend Dale Lomas ar RSR Nürburg and he'll set you up.

Now, fellas.... if you want to radically improve your negotiating stance next season let me suggest two options:

First is the, shall we call it, Unlimited Pass: a gift from Kwiat will pretty much guarantee you a large supply of essential slack and happiness come spring.

Outstanding results are also guaranteed with a little Hollywood glamour from Rare Vintage.

Good luck to all in your race for that perfect gift!


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