November 3, 2008

Top Gear Moment of Zen, Season12

Top Gear Moment of Zen: Season 12


  1. That's awesome. I love that car! Would prefer it to the GT2 if it were not for the lack of rear seats (Only gripe is that they hired the same firm that designs/chooses the wheels for the ZR1! Awful!).

    Much needed Top Gear season... good cheer me up after F1 season's finale..

  2. you know, JC proclaimed it much better than the GT2, they dragged and the Lambo won easily. They gave both to the Stig and the Lambo barely beat the GT-R, the Porsche....he refused to say the time, burned the stripe instead :o)

  3. yeah, just saw that.
    JC hates 911 as they clearly don't match his driving (or lack of!) style. Remember when he crashed the GT3 in the supercar test in the Spain track?

    It would have been cool to know the Stig's lap time. I guess it is marginally faster (2-4/10ths?) than the LP560-4. However the LP560 weighs the same as the GT2 and has a bit more power. It is a GTR with a soul... the perfect winter car. Normal people/tracktards would be fatser in the Lambo

    Believe it or not, the fact that JC hates the GT2 and finds it scary makes it even more appealing!

  4. I'm sure they'll give that lap time at some point, Porsche probably paid him to say that, the GT2 is scary but not as scary as they say and it certainly does not have to be driven backwards like that. I does make for some good pictures though!!


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