November 8, 2008


We're probably the last people in the whole of the North East to finally get to New Jersey Motorsport Park's Thunderbolt track, better late than never I guess. I'm at the track all week end with NASA and PDA trying to destroy what is left of my remaining Kumho 710's. I chrded the fronts at Monticello a few weeks back but I had one more pair of used fronts in the garage, left over from last season. Waste not want not, the Freep would say. In fact, new tires would help a lot on this track and its long, long corners.

For now just a quick video of a couple of laps from Friday's open track day, more during the week after I come back.



  1. I'm not sure how well the video and data are synced up, but it seems like you are carrying too much speed into the corners at the expense of exit speed.

  2. So, how did the Shoe performed today its submarine duties? and how is the drainage of that track...
    Feel sorry I missed a track day but not with this weather... plus the monster is quite a handful in this conditions (scary..)...

  3. Yeah it seems like you had a real bad sync on that video??


  4. Great lap with an awesome time.

    I had to retire early as my exhaust fell off and I went for a spinny-spin. Nice to put a face with the website. See you around

  5. OK I think I fixed the Sync on this video....

  6. Nice location for the camera - looks like a fun track!

    You the same AC who posts on Roadfly M Coupe boards? I used to post there years ago as "animboy." Been enjoying this blog for quite a while and just made the connection! :) Nice work - keep it up!

    I do miss my M Coupes from time to time, but got a white Cayman S a little over a year ago that has cured most of my longing for The Shoe. I still get a great nostalgic feeling every time I see one...



  7. Yeah, it was good meeting you AC... fast car and fast driver. You and those other two coupes nearly scared me when you passed me in my student's car!


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