November 26, 2008

Old school mit Walter

It may not be as slick as a Nissan GT-R or as fast as a GT2 but this lap with Walter Röhrl in a 1975 Porsche Carrera 3.0 RS is fully worth your next eight minutes and 20 seconds or so.

Love the sound and how you can hear every throttle nuance in the wonderfully analog car. The run at top speed though the world's tightest pit lane gets extra bonus does his missing a gear after Wehrseifen (someone correct me if I got that wrong), he's human!

Find the video after the jump


  1. I like how this 33yr old car doesn't make a squeak at all yet the Enzo around Imola was squeaking like a.......mouse nest....?

  2. Those downshifts are pure music to my ears! That lap while extremely quick, was far less dramatic (read less tail happy) than most videos I've seen of that era Porsches at the ring. I just found my Christmas soundtrack!



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