November 21, 2008

Finally let's try some FXX...

Let's conclude this week with yet another of Manuma's rides, again the track is Imola.  In the end what can you say about this clip? Just listen to that sound.  You are riding in the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione you saw shredding rubber earlier this week, it is just awesome. The lap times in the video are about 10 seconds faster than the GT2 on the same track.

And while he may enjoy a bit of an unfair advantage because of the toys at his disposal and with all due respect to our other candidates, we just have to declare Manuma our 2008 Axis Tracktard of the Year. It's both a rarity and a joy to see such cars flogged as if they were spec Miatas and let's face it, a well driven FXX pretty much assures you win the track day world championship!

So congratulations Manuma, thank you for the videos and thrills ...keep them coming.  If we figure out how to make an Axis Stig bobble head trophy we'll send one to you.

Oh one thing...If I can get a track ride in the FXX I will personally fly to Italy (with my helmet) and aim your camera properly!

Give this new player a try, it has a very cool feature: unlike others, it can be streamed on iPhones! Check it out on your iPhone at this LINK and where it says "stream me a user" enter "Axis".
Other smartphones can connect at this LINK
Give us some feedback on the quality.



  1. Soundtrack of the year for sure!!! totally makes up for the relative lack of visuals :). I keep listening to it and it makes my heartbeat go up every time, this car sounds better than even an F1 IMHO, and seems to be almost as loud. Gotta give it to the Italians, they know how to make an engine sound good!

  2. Being a passenger on that lap has to feel exactly like being in a 3 minute 51 second car accident. And it would be totally worth it.

  3. Yeah, pretty amazing.

    This is the ultimate track day car after all.


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