October 14, 2008

Nissan tells Porsche to get better drivers

If you are still following the Nissan vs Porsche saga. Nissan has come back with pictures of the tires they claim were used for the famous "record" breaking run and a video offering the Porsche drivers some tips on how to drive faster...

Pass the popcorn.... Words HERE

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Why dont they just have an official race between Porsche and Nissan instead of all of this back and forth nonsense? Just have an outside source provide the cars in stock form and see who can do what for lap times.

  2. they will never do that cuz both companies cannot afford to risk all the money they invested in developments and advertising for both car into one silly race. At least, not a sane multi-millions or billions car company would do. And you have to remember both GTR and Porsche 911 are the cars that made what them are today.

  3. Why? Because Nissan knows better than to do that - If they win 40 fanboys with PS3s will high-five each other and a large number of people will still buy a 997. But if they lose... their car is a total wash as something they were only using as a marketing play - thay aren't making money on them.

  4. The Porker fan boys at this site not only can't admit the GT-R is faster, but still can't spell. "Brake" vs. "Break"

  5. Anonymous, when we have a chance to drive each on the same day at the same track we will publish results precisely as we find them. We have a GT2, if you have a GT-R please contact us so we can arrange a proper test.

    h and thanks for the spell check

  6. HAHAH lovely comments!

  7. A race occurs every single year, known as the 24 Hours of the N'Ring, and in case you haven't been paying attention, Porsche has made a pretty good showing in the results. All Nissan has to do is show up and beat them in the 24hrs next time around.

    Nissan? Nissan Who?



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