October 10, 2008

More Bernie dreams: Max +20 and Rossi in red.

After telling a German newspaper that he would be a dream to have Schumacher back in F1 it is perhaps not surprising he would tell la Gazzetta dello Sport he would wish for Valentino Rossi to be driving a red car.

His wish for another twenty years of Max Mosley rule however will not go down well with some in the F1 journalistic community though, so you will not read the complete interview elsewere...

Mr.Ecclestone, who will win on Sunday?

We've seen the most exciting when it rains, or when the Safety Car comes into play. Anything can happen but I think it will be a fight between Hamilton and Massa with a possible interference of Raikkonen.

F1 is back to racing during the day. Which races could become night races in the future?

The Singapore GP was born out of the need to make it viewable in Europe at an acceptable time of day so night races would be limited to Asian Pacific races. All races in that part of the world could theoretically become night races. But for 2009 only Singapore will be at night. In Europe I see no reasons to have races after dark.

F1 is in tiny Singapore but is out of the world's largest auto market, the United States and now it's out of Canada as well...

America works a different way. In the rest of the world certain sporting events, like Formula 1 for example or the Olympics are organized by the state. In North America they are organized by private individuals who want to realize profits even before the race has held, that is a but too much to ask.

Future races?

Aside from Abu Dhabi, we have two or three option open in Russia. Moscow is obviously first but it's to early to think of a firm date. Then there is India which I can say will be on the calendar in 2011.

Don't you think one of the more difficult problems with F1 is the confusion with the rules? The Spa case, with Mclaren's recourse accepted and then ruled inadmissible for example.

I agree and it's true that this foments a climate of suspicion. I see the group of stewards, those who have to decide, as composed by independent figures. There are at least thirty lawyers ready to volunteer for the job. Decisions should be thought out but also immediate. but it's an FIA issue and 'd rather not get in the middle of it.

Did Hamilton deserve his punishment in Belgium?

I will say that Hamilton is a fighter and acts as such but the punishment was just. I do not understand why Hamilton did not calm down and settle for second. That way Massa would have lost more points...

How do you judge Hamilton?

An extraordinary talent, right up with Senna and Schumacher. Last year as a rookie he almost won the title, do you remember other who did that?

And Massa?

He's very strong but he was unlucky. I would say it would be bad if Hamilton did not win the title this year after his bad luck last year. Let me correct myself, after the bad management from his team last year. At the same time it would not be right if Massa lost.

You have been very critical of Raikkonen, who you you said, gave little back to F1..

Kimi is a strange boy and I like him as he is. But when you win the title you need to make more effort and open up more because you become a symbol fr the sport. He did not do that.

What do you think of his season?

I know him as a great driver, I don't know where that great driver went. It's a mystery.

Why does Ferrari not hire Alonso?

Simply because Raikkonen and Massa have contracts through 2010...

Montezemolo claims the percentage you charge the constructors are too high. Will this change with the new Concord Agreement?

Let me explain clearly. I am not the owner of Formula 1 but I have the role of president of a group that holds the majority stake. For every business deal I make, old or new, the monies do not come to me, they go to the company. I don't know why Luca always takes it out on me on this argument. Manufacturers want to earn more? They should cut costs. I propose a few ideas: standardize transmission, cut aerodynamic development and KERS

Toro Rosso, winner at Monza risks being out of F1 after 2010 because of it will not be allowed to run a chassis designed by another team..

I made a proposal: to authorize only team in F1 for 10 year or longer to utilize materials from other teams, overlooking the intellectual property issues. But I think that F1 can stabilize expenses other great companies will join.

Mosley's mandate ends next year, who would you like to see in his place?

I would re-elect Mosley for another twenty years. If he wants to stay it's right that he stays.

The world is going through a dire economic crisis, how will this impact F1?

It will impact but it will depend on how certain industries will decide to distribute their advertising budgets. I think investing in F1 is still advantageous. I am encouraged that in the past three years F1 has not declined.

Vettel won in Italy, is he a champion of the future?

Certainly. Ever since his debut with BMW I thought he had uncommon talent.

F1 is missing a character like Valentino Rossi

Very much so. I hope one day he will come to F1 and that Ferrari will give him a car. That's the only team I can see him with.

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