October 19, 2008

Chinese Domination

Pole, fast lap, win, Mclaren gave Hamilton the perfect car at the perfect time. The benefits of having a designated number one are clear and now Hamilton, who not only made no mistakes this week end but was fastest in every session save for the Saturday warm-up, has the championship well in hand. All he needs are four points in Brazil, barring a disaster, it's his.

Ferrari failed to give a Massa a car fast enough. The Brazilian was forced to attempt a light fuel load strategy which fell apart when he could not deliver in qualifying. Speed was just not there.

Speed was there for Renault with Alonso once again looking strong. After the first lap or so the race was a snoozer, huge track, no traffic to speak of, no rain... glad I did not stay up to watch this one live.

Much yammering will go on about Massa passing Raikkonen, probably from the same people who though it was fine when, year ago, Hakkinen passed Coulthard or even this year when Kovalainen let Hamilton though in Germany and who complained bitterly about Ferrari having a designated number one driver in the past.

Now on to Brazil with Massa and Ferrari surely wondering about that engine failure in Hungary...

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  1. Yeah ugh it was a boring bring race, with the Speed dudes been all bitchy against ferrari .. very annoying night ..

  2. I think the Speed team, other than Matchett is getting a bit long in the tooth and crotchety.

  3. They really were GUSHING, weren't they?

  4. ITV wrapped it up nicely: "We've had some fantastic grands prix this year. This wasn't one of them".

    I'm at the other end of the earth from most of you lot so this was one of the few races that I did get to watch live. Not that there was much point.

  5. Dull race indeed. Team orders are completley fine. It was even done last week in the WRC by the Ford team!

    Only one more race of ITV torture to go. Fantastic.

  6. brundle made me laugh in his commentary of kimi going past fisi... "Do that two more times and ill have you off the track"


  7. Unnecessary:

    Hamilton dedicates that acceleration to ... ¿Who's walking on the right?



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