October 31, 2008

Chin Cam

Ever wonder what David Coulthard's epic chin sees during a race?
Thanks to advances of modern technology the question can finally be answered!


  1. Great view, just needs to be on the forehead instead of the chin so you can actually see the track.

    Also it looks like once he starts making laps the right set of numeric LED's appear to be giving him instantaneous split time of his previously fast lap. Very good tool to know what changes to the car make a difference at certain parts of the track.

  2. And forgot to add that the left set of numeric LED's act as a lap counter, and once the lap is complete displays the time as 14.10 (aka a 1:14.10) for a few seconds and then reverting back to how many laps he has done.

    They definitely need more of this camera next year!

  3. Traqmate can do that for you too :o) (Blatant Sponsor plug...but we love them! )

  4. I'm just amazed at how little his head moves during the hardest braking point past the straight, 4.5g or so. I guess his 15 years in F1 have helped develop those muscles.


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