October 2, 2008

Carbon Fiber

The Freep and I were discussing how to build stuff out of CF on the cheap.... here is how to do it NOT on the cheap.

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  1. Its absolutely amazing to see the time, passion and technology poured into the production and design of these cars.

    Its to bad we don't have anything close to the scale and technology level of these guys in the US.

  2. It bothers me somewhat that the drivers visiting the tech center was a big deal. I'd run my team quite differently.


  3. I don't think I can Agree fully with Jonathan, While there is not much in the world like the Mclaren tech center, there is certainly the technology and knowhow in the US. For one thing, much of this comes from the aerospace industry...

    I absolutely think it's a damn shame there is no American F1 team.


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