October 30, 2008

Brazil, Brazil

All kind of weird stuff has happened at Interlagos over the years. I mean, Fisichella won there with his car on fire!
Check out one of the most insane, chaotic races ever in 2003.

You are not going to miss this week end's finale are you?

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  1. so how did kimi get awarded the win? :-s

  2. must have been that FIA Ferrari bias.... oh wait ! :o)

    Race was red flagged because of Alonso's stupid move... the rest is from WikiP

    "Under Formula One regulations in place at the time, article 154 stated that, if 75% of the race distance had been completed in this case 54 completed laps - 76% of race distance, it was "deemed to have finished when the leading car crossed the line at the end of the lap two laps prior to that lap during which the signal to stop was given". The stewards, believing that Fisichella was on his 55th lap and had completed the 54 laps required for a full result, awarded the victory to the race leader at the end of the 53rd lap, namely Räikkönen. Fisichella was awarded second place and Alonso third.

    Several days later, after the Grand Prix, the official scoring evidence showed that Fisichella had just started his 56th lap before the red flag signal was given; this meant that the race results should have been determined as of the end of the 54th lap, not the end of the 53rd lap. Fisichella was leading after 54 laps and was named the race winner in an April 11 FIA court decision handed down in Paris.
    After hearing oral arguments and timing evidence, McLaren declined to file a protest; Räikkönen's, points tally was reduced by 2 (to 8, from 10). A ceremony was held at the next grand prix at Imola during the San Marino Grand Prix where Räikkönen and Ron Dennis handed over the winning driver's and constructor's trophies to Fisichella and Eddie Jordan."

  3. Hells no would I miss the last race of the season. How about that target fixation. Watch out for that tire!

  4. Man, I forgot how much of a jackass Alonso was before he got...good.
    blah blah its the car blah blah it was the teams fault blah blah a blame the pit crew.

  5. Nice. Alonso scatters his car over the track causing the race to end and still gets credit for third.

    That's the fun thing about rules. The quirky results that crop up resulting right after someone says "hey, we didn't think about that."


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