September 27, 2008

Singapore GP Qualifying live

As an alternative to your local broadcaster. If you have problems flushing your cookies may help. As usual your mileage may vary.
Feed after jump...

As an alternative you might find a Polish feed HERE but it's not very stable.   
And HERE is a live chat

Qualifying is over, sorry for the feed drop out, but there is not much we can do about that. Join us tomorrow for the race if the the feed works!


  1. Its working for me,Thank You !

  2. AARGH, feed crashed at start of Q3!!!

  3. Bah feed crapped out!!!!!!

    sorry guys

  4. AC - I never got a chance to reply back yesterday. Thanks so much for putting that feed up, I totally understand that it was out of your hands when it crashed.

    We had a horrible situation yesterday that the hubbie & I were out at a tech conference all day, and had a planned power cut from 9am - 5pm at home, so we couldn't record the ITV show as normal.

    I jumped over to the Polish feed when this one vanished, theirs was much lower quality, but we managed to see where Massa & Hamilton ended up, so that was the main thing.

    Thanks once again for trying, here's to a good race today.


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