September 16, 2008

Making the girls scream: Tiff vs Plato vs Patrese

Fun clips of Tiff Needell and Jason Plato trying to scare each other ... then they load up the cars with big boobied tarts and attempt to scare them.

While we on the "make the girls scream" theme, an even better video if you haven't yet seen it, is ex-F1 driver Riccardo Patrese taking his wife for a italian style sunday drive. His grin is priceless. After the jump.


  1. Poor TIFF ... he lost his cool ... hahha hilarious ...


  2. That video with Riccardo's wife is hilarious!!! Thanks for that.

  3. Yeah that video is great. I loved "Riccardino....slow down, this car is not a Formula 1, I have children waiting for me at home....vaffanculoooo!" :o)

  4. Thanks for that hillarious Patrese video, no need to really understand Italian to get an idea of what she was saying either :)
    Also, gotta love the start 'slow down, you're going too fast', always funny to hear that at a track :)


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