September 12, 2008

Italian GP Friday Practice 1 live

Alternative to your local broadcast, As usual, your milage may vary. Clearing your cookie may help, you will need to be patient for the feed to start. times are GMT.

If you can see it, leave a message so I can gauge if this is worth putting up in the future. Read more for feed....
Because of the thunderstom it looks like there are some satellite feed issues. Hang in there, it will come back as the storm passes. Let's hope they work out an alternative for Sunday.

We might also get the first "night time" Grand Prix this week end, it's that dark!

Practice is over, join us for qualifying Saturday


  1. I'm in Milano today...monsoon thunderstorms and lightning.

    For the record there has only been one wet Italian GP in all it's history. There was recently a wet start but the track dried during the race...

  2. There are some satellite feed issues too. so it's not exactly stable.

  3. Its working great for me,I wish I could fullscreen

  4. Again my Friday work performance will suffer! Thanks Axis...

  5. Looks good. I don't typically watch F1...yet here I am, watching practice. Your feed might be creating a convert.


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