September 11, 2008

Hamilton: "Kimi has no balls"

Italian news agency ANSA reports that the Mclaren press conference at Monza today got a little testy. I looked for this in the UK press yet found no mention of this quote. I'm not surprised.

ANSA Rome Sept 11: Hamilton gave a fiery press conference at Monza today. 
The englishman firmly rebuffed any critics of his passing maneuver at Spa and attacked Raikkonen: "He has no balls" The Mclaren driver is referring to the Belgian episode accusing the Finn of not having had the courage " to brake late. He has no less responsibility than I do for what happened" "I always race to win" he explained " maybe this bothers some people."

Meanwhile Mclaren released new photographic evidence of Lewis having been run off the track by Raikkonen


  1. We will see who has the "balls" later this year when they get to Brazil. He wasn't so cocky last year when he was sitting in a Chinese sand trap!

    "Q. But he was braking much earlier than you?

    LH: Well, that's his driving, that's all. That is how he drives. If you don't have the balls to brake late then that is your problem! At the end of the day, in those situations it is the driver who can feel the grip more and put the car more on the edge. And I know I am great in those conditions. I felt the grip more than him, I knew where to place my car and I did place it in different positions to him and I found the grip."

  2. It has been said before but is worth repeating.

    People wonder why Hamilton is hated and despised? A little humility would go a long way for his image.

  3. And people say Schumacher was cocky?????

    I hate Hamilton with a passion.

  4. Ii was just starting to get over my dislike for his guy... i was just thinking to myself, wow, he really is an incredible driver - maybe i'm too hard on him? He's shown some great driving and maybe he deserves my praise & support. Well thanks Lewis, you just answered my question and made up my mind... Skill is one thing, but attitude will always be more impressive to me. Here's to you choking in the final races like you did last year LH!

  5. I will take this opportunity to reiterate my previous assessment of Lewis:

    "Yes, Hamilton is fast. He also has more balls than brains (although he has a considerable amount of both) and has a tendency to overdrive his tires, his car, and particularly the racing line. When he learns just a hair more control, he will be an unstoppable champion but right now he is a coltish rookie and it shows."

    Does Lewis read Axis?

  6. I think F1 needs more of this. Yes it's cocky, that's the point. It sure beats the hell out of the horrifically boring post race interviews with divers rambling and rambling in their unflattering monotone voices. The FIA should be paying Hamilton to say stuff like this - it creates human drama. If you can add personal conflict (like Senna - Prost) to spice up the boring racing, more people might watch. It's already clear the FIA is not interested in having exciting racing since somebody might get their feelings hurt.

  7. Yeah, F1 is hurting for "human drama" and offtrack excitement. Nazi hookers, spy scandals, gunfire at team factories, electrocuted pit crewman... Any more human drama and F1 can rival professional wrestling. Everyone was certainly very enthusiastic about Alonso injecting more "human drama" into the sport last season.

  8. HAHAHA...I love our guys are the best! :o)

  9. Denied, you missed the point. This human drama is between people actually participating on the track. So there's built in tension during the race. Despite what you think, racing is about ENTERTAINMENT and making money based on asses in seats and television viewers to sell ads to! I guarantee you that more people tuned in to the races after hearing about the Hamilton/Alonso fiasco than previously.

  10. Professional wrestling is about entertainment and asses in seats. Racing is about competition and F1 is supposed to represent the ultimate evolution of the sport. I, for one, would be terribly disappointed to see F1 drivers measured on the same behavior scale we currently use for NFL and NBA players. I love to see drivers that are more than just automatons and I believe that passionate piloti like Senna was are key to the sport but we should be clear that there is a difference between passion and petulance.

    Just to remind you, that "I always race to win" attitude is the same shortsighted strategy that left Lewis stranded in gravel trap last season having nearly accomplished something great. I stand by my statement that Lewis has more balls than brains.

    Also, I could party with Kimi. Where's my gorilla suit?

  11. So, I guess you prefer a guy like Kimi who goes around pushing photographers that are just trying to do their job? I personally don't car for either of the two chaps on a personal level, but I would like to see them race wheel to wheel more often like they did at Spa. Hell, my wife, who hates F1, couldn't help but get excited during that race. I like to watch a guy race that has more balls than brains - helps liven up the parade. Paul Tracy anyone?

  12. Pushing photographers and drop-kicking babies are deplorable behavior and should not be rewarded. Calling the reigning world champion (the guy Lewis handed the championship to when his balls got too big to carry in his MP-22) ball-less is just childish and petulant.

    I have to admit though that I did find it more satisfying watching a whiny, entitled baby like Lewis blowing the title with a stupid mistake than I would have had it been a focused, deserving racer.

    I like what Hamilton brings to the track. His talent level elevates the sport. The on-track action is fantastic and races like Spa are much more interesting than parades like Valencia. I'd like to be a fan but whining about an on-track gamble that didn't pay off for you and making excuses for yourself is hard to support. Hamilton ought to just shut up and drive. In that respect (and others) he could learn from Alonso.

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