September 12, 2008

Alonso to Honda now most likely

It's not confirmed but it's looking more and more like the only option for the double world champion. 

Ferrari renewed Raikkonen to the end of 2010. 
BMW is looks very unlikely with Kubica confirmed and Heidfeld having suddenly woken up and realized his being German might not be enough. 
Renault is not really giving any signs of life.

Alonso gave an interview to where he called his future "in green"...there is no green in the current Renault colors.

Ross Brawn is really his only option at this point, not to mention that Honda will probably give him a godzilla sized paycheck.   

Our readers do not seem to agree,  but the last poll was before the news of Raikkonen's renewal.
I think if Alonso had to have waited for one season then Renault made sense,  but two years?...


  1. I just can't see it. Renault probably won't bounce back to the front next season, but honda definitely won't. It would be an awfully foolish move.

  2. Next year is a bit of a wildcard because of the KERS. I would have thought BMW but I don't think BMW realized it needs a star driver (and they do have a great driver with Kubica)

    I say Honda because it's the only challenge for Alonso.

    I think it's very sad that the arguably the best driver in the field cannot compete with the other two greats of the moment, Raikkonen and Hamilton.

  3. NOOOOOOO! I hope this doesn't come true. If Alonso goes to Honda then what is in store for his future in the long term? To me, it doesn't look good. Sure he will get a giant paycheck but when will we see him back on the podium or in a competitive car?

  4. If I were Alonso's manager I would tell him to grab the free Toro Rosso/Ferrari seat.


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