September 19, 2008

Alonso chooses Renault.

The Fernando telenovela is coming to an end with Alonso telling Spanish press during an event at a school in Madrid that while "BMW started the year well, they have not made as much progress in the second half of the season". This puts him at odds with rumors which had the Spanish driver close to the German team, rumors which had come from a BMW source.

Alonso said what he wants is to be on a winning team and that while at the moment "only Mclaren and Ferrari are winning, things change and it's hard to say who will be on top in a few years".

BMW had made their pitch but apparently demanded a three year commitment. This would have made it impossible for Alonso to be available to Ferrari at the end of Raikkonen's automatic contract extension.

Alonso has probably analyzed the competitiveness of BMW and figures he can overcome the two tenth that now separate him from Kubica, BMW's best pilot, on his own merits. Fernando also believes BMW's main advantage over Renault is aerodynamic and this will change next season with the new rules.

Alonso will also be #1 at Renault and have the team and cars built around him and to suit his style.

Honda has also been considered but untimately discarded as a project with great potential with Ross Brawn but that would come to fruition in the too distant future.

The only hitch and the only reason for further delays is apparently this business of engine development. Renault need to solve their power deficit by either engineering or legal means. Otherwise I guess there is always a free seat at ToroRosso!

This is a Telenovela so....stay tuned anything can happen!

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