August 29, 2008

Renault is busy....but the Internet wants more!

After all the excitement over the super cool Megane R26.R, Renault fans are hungry for more.

The next generation Megane, now minus the funny looking rear, is being hot tested in the United States. Renault is said to be resurrecting the Alpine brand much like FIAT is using the Abarth scorpion for it's sportiest offerings and the blue Megane is a Photoshop rendering of a possible RS-Alpine. The copper colored car is the real car.

I wonder if the success of the Nissan Versa, nothing but a Megane in a boring suit, might tempt La Regie to try some hot FWD hatch VW Scirocco fighters in the US one day...


  1. Why don't they slap a Nissan badge on it and sell it in the US? It kinda looks like a scaled down 2 door FX-35 from this angle anyways... So sad that the marketing types think a car has to look like a Versa ('ugly suit' indeed) rather than a Megane to sell in the US...

  2. for some reason car companies have decided Americans don't like hatchbacks, so they don't sell any so Americans have no opportunity to prove them wrong! :o)


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