August 9, 2008

One Hot Ride.

Remember those 3 seater F1 cars that were all the rage for a little while a few years back? I found this video, offered without much explanations. I imagine it must be rather hot stuffed back there between the radiators and the headers. Fun ride though.
Marc Gene is driving.
(10 seconds of black at the beginning...)

Velocity from Christopher Schmidt on Vimeo.


  1. weird . . . just can't quite get used the image of a F1 car with 3 heads.

  2. I like how the 2 guys in back's necks snap at every gear shift or braking point :)

  3. To walk onto the red floor in the shed, put on the helmet, the race suit and be strapped in, I'd have lost my mind.
    Watching someone else living my dream, I'm now losing my mind!!!!

    I really like the custom railing Ferrari made to help getting out of the car.


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