August 16, 2008

Nasty crash for Gigi Galli at Rally Germany

Galli broke a femur and will be out for the rest of the season. Just in case you forgot how dangerous driving at 100mph inches from trees actually is take a look at the on-board from Gigi's car.

Consider that a WRC car will require something in the order of 2500 man hours to build the cage and reinforce the chassis then take a look at the angle of the steering column after the impact. Galli likely owes his life to those cage builders.

Frightening stuff, take a look

Read more details on Autosport


  1. I broke a tree with my rally car, once. Not nearly this fast, mind. This looks like he hit trees down low on the car; check how his seat comes up with the impact. Not pretty, but he's very lucky.

  2. Lucky is a good thing to be as a rally driver!

  3. Trees are very dangerous for anyone that likes to drive fast on tight roads, no matter how good the driver (see what happened to Peter Brock for example)


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