August 13, 2008

Matte Black is the new RS Orange?

At least it seems to be in Dubai where, either because of a deep devotion to Batman or perhaps to show off the abilities of the car's air conditioning, foiling your ride in matte black seems to be all the coolness. Check out a slide show after the jump...

Or perhaps it's because Germany's Foil a Car has an office in Dubai. Foil a Car will fly anywhere in the world to wrap your ride, in the color of your choice, with their high quality full body condoms. Cool and tempting idea but, considering what that would cost, it's no surprise they have an office in Dubai!

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  1. Flat black has been used by hot rodders and choppers for a while now (mostly west coast) as a pretend "I'm not a poseur, I'd rather spend $ on the engine than on the paint job and matte doesn't need to be cleaned as much as shiny black". I say pretend because when you do that on a new car ... well you ARE posing. It looks great on some cars, but on a Maseratti Quatroporte it only shows you have more $ than style


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