August 18, 2008

Land Rover is still the king

Would you try this trip in a "Sport Utility Vehicle"?

59.316 Kilometers (36,857 Miles), through 38 countries in 14 months.

We had talked about Christoph Bangert's trip just about a year ago.

Christoph is from Daun, just 20 km from the Nürburgring and, as you can tell from the suade Sparco wheel on his truck, ..yeah, he's into cars.

After 14 months the trip is now over where it started, an amazing adventure and testament to the stamina of both drivers and car.
Take a look at Christoph and his wife's Chiho's travel diaries and videos
and of course Christoph's "day job" photographs but especially, raise at least a virtual beer to a fellow gearhead!

Mali Mud from Travelnotes on Vimeo.

Team Turkana from Travelnotes on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting Land Rover! ;)
    I bet though that a LR Discovery is on a far more challenging trip.

    Enjoy the details for "The World Off Road" here:




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