July 18, 2008

What Will Schumi do Next?

Apparently, jump out of an airplane.

Schumacher, who will be in the Ferrari pits this week end in Germany, has been quite busy of late. Wednesday he flew by plane (his Dassault Falcon 2000 probably) and then by helicopter to the Pannonia Ring in Hungary for a semi pro Superbike race. He won that race, his first win on two wheels, then again off via chopper and plane to Darmstadt near Hockenheim for some footy with the Race Drivers team.

That's just part of it, the German magazine Stern released an interview this week where we learn just how badly the Ferrari retiree might be jonesing for those adrenaline fixes. The latest? Parachute jumping.

"for my first five jumps you could say I might have needed diapers" said Herr Schumacher "but after that it was fine, It's a great joy to fly towards the earth"

Ok...He does admit that his wife Corinna would rather he stay home and brush her horses.

As far as Formula one, Schumacher came out recently with a whopper I think nobody on the whole planet believed, that the reason he retired was so that Massa would not be left without a drive. What driver does he like? "I have a close relationship with Felipe but Kimi, he is just not a guy who talks much." Schumi said this week "I speak frequently with Sebastian Vettel. I like him, he's a great kid and very open."

Ferrari fans may be worried at the news that Michael will be in pits at Hockenheim (traditionally, every time he's been behind pit wall Ferrari have done ...not so well) but I would guess that given the recent bland performances by the supposed "young guns" in the current F1 field, there are still many that would love to see him racing a red car again.
(gazzetta dello sport)


  1. Schumi might be having one of the coolest retirements in recent history.

    Would have loved to have seen him out there at least for one more season, but if what he say's is true about Massa, guess it's best that he went when he did.

    He's running the ROC again this year with Vettel I believe. Maybe Jimmy Johnson will find another excuse for getting beaten by a geriatric...

  2. His streak continues...every time he's in the pits Ferrari does terribly!!


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