July 25, 2008

Own a Super Aguri F1 or an autoclave or some wipes!

Little sad but that's the way F1 rolls, everything left of the Super Aguri F1 team will be auctioned off next Tuesday.

Fancy an F1 car? Maybe some FACOM tools? 45 bottles of Wurth brake cleaner? some rolls of Kimberly Klark wipes? How about a coupe of transporter, that should be cool...

You can download the full catalog HERE
the auction site is HERE

(thanks Julius Pleaser on BimmerForums...)


  1. we could do with an autoclave at work. apparantly the going rate is approx £2m

  2. Nice. We should set up and Axis PAypal and chip in so we can make our own CF keychains...


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