July 13, 2008

New Jersey Motorsport Park is up and running

One of the the two tracks at the New Jersey Motorsport Park, the Lightning course, is now open for business. The course is on the right in this picture.

Let's take a look at the track from a driver's prospective....

YouTube is a wonderful thing! Here is Lightning from inside a Corvette Z06.

an e92 M3.

In the wet.

and finally on a motorcycle (finally a proper track for motorcycles in the North East!).


  1. looks wide enough for about 1.8 cars.

  2. Just raced NJMP-Lightning this weekend with EMRA in a formula continental. It's a great track with first-class facilities. The blind uphill and downhill turns are fantastically fun.

  3. I think the narrowness of the track is more a visual effect due to the wide angle on the camera. I'll be there next month so I can give you a first hand impression.

  4. No, it is a super narrow track in places...


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