July 1, 2008

King of the 'Ring

Axis readers have spoken, according to our absolutely unscientific poll, when the dust clears it will be the Porsche GT2 that will best the Nissan GT-R and Corvette ZR-1 as "King of the Ring"...

For that to be the case Walther Röhrl needs to get to work, the current claimed time for the GT2 is almost eight seconds slower than the 7:26.4 recently set by GM.

However, in this video the old master seems pretty casual about the time set, like setting a significantly faster time would be easily accomplished... is there more time in the Weissach monster? Will Porsche feel the need to claim that particular record?
And what of the upcoming Lexus LF-a a Honda NSX?

Break out the popcorn!


  1. non p-car FTD at the 'ring FTW!

  2. The new Honda will smoke them ,,, then someone faster will come along ... that's the rule ..


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