July 28, 2008

Did Michael Schumacher Crash a 430 Scuderia at the 'Ring?

Playstation professionals beware, the Nürburgring Nordschleife forgives nobody, including a seven time World Champion. Michael Schumacher crashed a modified Ferrari 430 Scuderia last Tuesday at Schwedenkreuz, the superfast left corner. The car apparently totalled on the half wet half dry track...


The report was published by german newspaper Bild but Ferrari disputes Schumacher was actually driving. Ferrari had booked the track for private testing and a 430 Scuderia was crashed however spokesman Luca Colajanni claimed Schumacher was the passenger and that the car was driven by Dietrich test driver Raffaele DeSimone.

Schumacher press liason Sabine Kehm said "Michael called me and said we had an accidend but we'll continue in another car" and went on to dipell the rumor that Schumacher's son Mick was on board at the time.

So don't feel bad next time you stuff it at the Nürburgring, it happens to the best, the only difference is they have a better press office!

Update: pictures of the the car have emerged and it seems like it's hardly "totalled" but it did take a decent sized hit. Along with the pictures there seems to be some hysteria bubbling because there is a picture of a kid, presumably Schumacher's in the car at some point during the day without a helmet.... now he's really going to get it, "Schumacher a bad father" headlines can't be far away!


  1. Wait, I'm confused. What basis is there to doubt the PR people's claim that Schumi wasn't driving? Is there a photo of him exiting the driver's seat?

  2. Dietrich was driving, but he ran for the hills...:o)

  3. The luck continues to shine on his shoulder. Driving or shotgun that's the worst place to go off. It is the fastest high g-load corner on all the track.

    Paid to drive Pros and those with questionable sanity take it at 130mph+, those of us with some fondness for terrestrial life brake down to or below 120mph...

    Many people have actually died in that corner, and I don't mean bikers only...

  4. You remember the story of those two dudes in a 360 convertible?... they found nothing, just melted stuff...

    the article mentions 250km/h...that would be 155mph!

  5. Well rumous say that his son was driving, sometimes the press goes crazy?

  6. That's stupid, his son is not even 10 years old, I doubt he could reach the pedals. However there are pictures of the crashed car and, separately, of a kid in the passenger seat of the same car....

    the car was not actually "totalled"...
    check out these pictures


  7. I think this was a minor incident that didn't amount to a hill of beans (as we say in the South), and it's being handled as if Lindsay Lohan was driving.


  8. I'm not sure you can have a "small accident" in a Ferrari at the 'ring, especially on that turn. And it will amount to quite a few beans for the counters to count :o)

  9. This from the guy who wrote "Michael Schumacher crashed a modified Ferrari 430 Scuderia last Tuesday at Schwedenkreuz, the superfast left corner."



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