July 6, 2008

British GP live feed

Join us again for the German GP in two weeks!


  1. oooh, I really fucked up and missed the first hour of the race, please quick tell me if I should see it on delay at one. Are you there, AC?

  2. Make the LewHam commentary stop! Can the broadcasters get any further up his ass?

    Nice drives from LewHam, Heidfeld and Rubens!!!

  3. james allen... uggh, whats to say, even brundle has been quite bad about lewismania today, but allen is beyond belief. at least heidfeld has been able to take something away from this and I feel quite glad that barrichello and coulthard now have both been able to podium in their last season. Too bad for webber, I dont think it is possible to dislike him.

  4. im one of those anti-ham club, but im a fair guy, so im gonna give credit where credit is due. That was a superb drive and lewis deserves it as much as barichello deserves the podium. Let's leave it at that.

    Btw, great job AC, this is my first time watching it online and on ITV. I still like speed's commentator, but i do get a lot of behind the scene footage from ITV.

    great job again guys.

  5. No matter what the haters say about him, he's the fastest guy out there by some margin.

  6. He was fastest this week...

    He wasn't 2 weeks ago.

    Will he be in 2 weeks?

  7. I'm not saying he's perfect. In fact I think he's a little too aggressive and that makes him make stupid mistakes. I also think he says the wrong things and is a bit of a knob at times. However, if you put them all in the same car I think he would be comfortably quicker than any of the current drivers. He's just got that other level of speed that Schumacher and Senna has/had IMO.

    Brawn seemed to have little explanation to how he was going two seconds a lap faster than anyone when they were all on inters...

  8. Wouldn't put him up there with Senna / Schumacher.

    Yeah Hamilton has speed but Senna and Schumacher had SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

    Need I remind you:



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