June 7, 2008

Magic Lap

The spirit of the Canadian beaver was burning strong in Lewis Hamilton today. 6/10th on the field when everyone was fighting just to keep the car in the narrow track between the marbles was HUGE.

Every other driver complained about track conditions but obviously Ham figured out a way..... did the Montreal groundhogs, grateful for being missed by Hamilton yesterday, sweep the track with their little tails for him?

The issue of marbles never seems to be talked about much when people complain about the lack of passing in F1. On certain tracks it just becomes absurd, look at Monaco around the swimming pool, there is no way anyone can venture there and no amount of slicks and reduced downforce will change that. While the issue in Montreal has more to do with the asphalt breaking up than rubber peeling off tires , it would seem to me someone ought to think about that problem one of these days.


  1. Im pretty sure the marbles are caused almost entirely by the grooves in the tires, so full slicks should alleviate the problem.

  2. Well when tires wear, the rubber has to go somewhere, slicks or grooved, so the marble problem will always be there as long as the tires are still wearing.


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