June 5, 2008

Over the Hedge: Hamilton crashes Carrera GT.

Proving talent is not hereditary, Anthony Hamilton, father of the talented Lewis, wrecked his Porsche Carrera GT yesterday.

Hamilton Sr. put his $500k car, in classic Porsche fashion, backwards through a hedge and into a garden normally frequented by playing children. Luck smiled on Hamilton as none were present at the time.

An eyewitness is quoted by the UK's Mirror :

"I was working near his house and saw him leave in the Porsche. He started revving the car really hard and wheel-spinned off. He had the roof down and looked at me before he put his foot down. He roared off and 50 yards down the road lost it on the corner."
"The car spun around at 180 degrees and left the road. There was a terrible bang. I ran over and I asked if he was alright. He just said 'yes' and staggered off, looking really shocked.".

Car was plucked from the hedge and Mr. Hamilton questioned by the authorities. He refused to release any statement.


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  3. This is precisely why I might turn comments off... There is always some ass who will ruin it for everyone.

    Should I erase the top comment or leave it as a testimonial to someone's massive stupidity?

  4. AC, just erase the comment and those related to it, and keep it clean. for the rest of us.

    Nevertheless, I find the whole story extremely amusing. Clearly Hamilton Sr's ego is as full blown as his son's, and this is what you get for excess confidence and showing off!

    Now , he should face all the negative downsides of being a public figure.... Wouldn't surprise me if he shows up in a Prius at the next public outing!

  5. he's just bitter about a black man owning a carerra gt in the first place... feels good to be a hater, i bet.

    as far as the topic is concerned, didn't lewis say his dad truly thinks he's a better driver then him on topgear?


  6. I guess the next family dinner is going to be pretty funny then!

  7. Are there any non UK F1 sites that have this on the front page??

    Imagine if it had been Alonso's father!!

  8. Of course not, they would not stoop to such gossip about Lord Hamilton!! I found it on an Italian F1 site and of course the Mirror...

  9. Sir Fakemilton?


  10. Told ya!!
    Just like Scumi...

    Hate those types... I rather stick to the JPM's and Kimis who will never smile at you for no reason


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