June 20, 2008

BimmerWorld checks in

Seth Thomas, one of the drivers for the BimmerWorld SpeedWorld Challenge Touring Car team, sent us two great in car videos and some comments.  

The first is from a race at Watkins Glen. Having just driven there it's great to see how fast a proper race car can be, they run well below 2:10 in traffic,  that's fast.  From the in-car it looks like the BimmerWorld BMW 325 handle extremely well.  Still subject to the laws of physics though and when team leader James Clay gets into turn 11 a little too late and wide,  well...look at the video. (and yes, it was 3 out of 3 BW cars)...

Seth comments:

" This is a video I am not sure how to comment. This is how you don't take T11? This is how crazy and fast the Glen can bite you? There really isn't anything that can be said about this footage other than this is nuts!"

In the second video are highlights from VIR.  Great race for Thomas who went from seventh on the grid to second on the podium behind Kuno Vittmer's Real Time Racing Acura.

 "This is what racing is all about. The only part that could have made it better is if I could have made the pass. Kuno did a great job defending and if he did make a mistake it was always in a spot I couldn't take advantage of. It was a battle of give it take between two very equal cars."


  1. Sorry about the bad luck at the glen, not sure if its any help, but at least the guy with his name on the door was the catalyst for the crash.

    The Bimmerworld guys have being doing a great job with the e90 chassis and I'm glad to see them having success in places like VIR.

  2. I don't know if you 've see the video on youTube with the Spec Miata having almost exactly the same crash. I think I'd rather be in a BMW! :o)

  3. Never saw the SM crash...but I'll take a look for it. No matter what, I think that the 328 is the better place to be


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