June 3, 2008

Axis Brilliant plan A update

Stee ran the 3.4 FrankenBoxster in the NASA race at Pocono North this past Sunday. He had fun though he bitterly complained about bumps that brutally attacked him and caused the agricultural excursion at the end of the video!*

This clip was made with the new TraqStudio software now available from Traqmate.
*Ok, Ok he just went into the corner too fast and did not get on the power quickly enough...


  1. Nice sounding crunch when he went over the access road.

  2. Pocono looks smooth but it's WRC territory if you step off the tarmac.

  3. Stee, it looks like you are consistently turning in too late for the last corner onto the speedway. You really need to get your inside wheel over that hole at the apex to get the best angle out.


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