May 9, 2008

Off we go!

OK, Three of us clowns are off to the Nürburgring. We'll be staying at the Dorint hotel and renting cars from RSR Nürburg so is you are there and see some egregiously pathetic driving, by all means come up and introduce yourself (unless we cut you off that is...).

We'll try to post from there if we can get online. Meanwhile this week end you are on your own with the Turkish GP which might just be another Ferrari blowout.

I suggest you get on a plane instead and fly to Monaco, this week end they are having the Grand Prix Historique. It only happens once every two years and it's fantastic fun with reasonable ticket prices to boot!
We were there in 2006 (see our pictures HERE) and so was Alex King who produced the great clips below.

Enjoy the week end, I'll be celebrating my birthday with a helmet on and beating on those tires like they are Max Mosley!

Monaco Grand Prix Historique from alex king on Vimeo.

Pre-1966 1.5L F1 Cars from alex king on Vimeo.

(all right, all right.... here is ONE clip from FP1)


  1. You guys have a great time @ The Ring. If you don't already know Ed Healy, be sure to get an introduction from Dale or Ron.

    Keep the shiney side UP!


  2. Safe travels, boys. I'll hold it down here like gangbusters.


  3. Gate picture retrieval services still available. ;)

    Have fun, be safe!

  4. All the best! Enjoy the eifel mountains and great big beers.

  5. Thank you Andres, we'll be sure to give "the Shocker" sign...

    Freep...I promise to photograph every e30 I see!

  6. 6-wheel Tyrell! Nice catch on that first video!


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