May 6, 2008

Hot weather means hot prototypes testing at the 'Ring

Our tracktard brothers at BridgeToGantry report fresh sightings. Apparently an unusual run of dry mild weather means it's time to shred some rubber in the Rhineland.

"...Without insider knowledge* it would be difficult to confirm, but I think they may have been looking for a laptime today. From my office window I spotted a helicopter chasing something that sounded very V8 and awfully supercharged.."

But that's not all. The eagle eyed BTG crowd spotted a v6 Lotus Eagle in "dazzle" camouflage but the real catch of the week is the mysterious Veritas RS3 prototype.... check out this rare sight:

Veritas testing at the Nurburgring from MrBTG on Vimeo.

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