May 25, 2008

Can we give Force India bonus points?

...what race fan does not feel terrible for Adrian Sutil? In a race that showed how being good is not as good as being lucky and good, the sight of the Force India car stopped in the pits after getting punted by Raikkonen was just devastating.

Hamilton proved the point about luck and skill when he was awarded the Golden Safety Car (and Magic Padded Guard Rail) award early on an then took full advantage of his skills in the rest of race. Kubica, another great race. Ferrari an embarrassment with Raikkonen's penalty. Massa tossed a race win away. And Kovalainnen? what if?

But join me in a salute to Force India and Adrian Sutil, the underdog stars of the race!

And here is another guy who could not catch a break today. On the SpeedTV broadcast they were speculating that Rosberg hit an inside curb and slid wide, from the replay it looks like he loses the rear end on turn in and is just a passenger from then on, hard to say for sure without an onboard.


  1. Def. Solid drive for Sutil but I don't know how much I wanna blame Kimi for the incident... almost a freak accident if you ask me. I'd love to see another real time replay of that... super quick hands at the wheel.

  2. I agree, it was just one of those things....again the luck factor, Kimi caught it, just not in enough space.

  3. Agreed... I thought he finally caught a break and instead he turned into Kimi's brakes.
    I'm pretty sure that most of the grid saw what he is capable of... and silly season is kicking off about now so maybe he will get a real ride next year.

  4. Good to see Dudley Dooright (Coulthard) keeping the guardrails from crowding his line!

    BTW-It looked like Heidfeld couldn't catch a break either, not sure what Alonso was thinking with his Don Quixote jousting of the Sauber in turn 6.

    Looking forward to Montreal.


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