May 30, 2008

Belching behemoths.

Are you invited to a no leather shoe, save the planet vegan barbecue this week end? I know you don't want to go but there is no way to get out of it....your week end is ruined, right?

Perhaps the Axis can help.

Download and save the following clip. At a crucial time during the inevitable Prius praising segment of the evening, break out your computer and horrify all with this gratuitous display of environmental rudeness. Nothing like a seven tons of Isuzu powersliding out of a corner covered by a black smoke screen to liven up the party!!!


  1. Freep- good to see that you're back and safe!

    I think that they should mix in assie award winners into the field with the supertrucks. Like the guy in the caterham 7. It would definitely change their opinion about slowing too much for corners.


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